3545 Hells Bells

$14.99 USD

Introduce your beaked buddy to the 3545 Hells Bells, a vibrant and enchanting bird toy that promises to be a hit in any cage or aviary. Designed by Bonka Bird Toys, this masterpiece is all about bringing joy and engagement to your feathered friend with its bright colors and delightful sounds.

Enchanting Features for Endless Fun:

  • Quick to Install: With a quick link connector at the top, setting up this toy is fast and easy, meaning less waiting time for your bird and more playing time.
  • Engaging Design: The heart of this toy features sturdy metal rings from which dangle medium plastic colorful chains. These chains are not just visually appealing but are also perfect for grabbing with beaks and feet, leading to endless hours of fun.
  • A Symphony of Sounds: Adorned on the chains are two more sturdy metal rings each, holding colorful plastic snowflakes, translucent acrylic rings, and, most importantly, medium plastic bells. These bells ring out with joyous sounds at every touch, providing auditory stimulation that birds adore.
  • Versatile and Interactive: The medium plastic chains offer the flexibility to hang additional items, allowing you to customize and enhance the fun factor for your pet bird continually.

Safe, Colorful, and Interactive:

Measuring approximately 13 inches in height, 4.5 inches in width, and weighing under 6 ounces, the 3545 Hells Bells is crafted with 100% bird-safe materials. Its size and weight make it an ideal addition to any bird's home, ensuring safety and enjoyment without overwhelming your bird.

Why Your Bird Will Love It:

Imagine the excitement and curiosity as your bird explores every inch of the Hells Bells, discovering new textures, colors, and sounds. This toy not just entertains; it stimulates your bird's senses and encourages natural behaviors like grabbing, climbing, and exploring.