3449 Bamboo Spring Chain

$5.99 USD


Introduce your pet birds to the Bonka Bird Toys 3449 Bamboo Spring, a uniquely bouncy and engaging toy designed to keep them entertained and active. With its flexible design and easy-to-install mechanism, this toy is a perfect addition to any birdcage, offering hours of playful chewing and pulling fun.

Dynamic Design for Maximum Entertainment
The 3449 Bamboo Spring features a vibrant and colorful plastic chain that runs through the center, adding a pop of color and intrigue for your birds. Attached to this chain are numerous bamboo springs, meticulously designed to encourage your birds to pull and chew. As these springs are pulled, they spring back into shape, creating a dynamic and interactive experience that will captivate your birds and stimulate their senses.

Easy Installation with Quick Link Attachment
Equipped with a quick link attachment at the top, the 3449 Bamboo Spring can be effortlessly installed in any cage, making it accessible for birds of all sizes. The metal loop at the bottom, adorned with a cheerful metal bell, adds an auditory element to the toy, further enhancing the playtime experience.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from all-natural bamboo coil springs for a safe and satisfying chew
  • 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a healthy environment for your pet
  • A refillable design, offering endless opportunities for puzzle-solving and play
  • Measurements: 11 inches in length, 7 inches in width, 2 inches in depth, weighing under 4 ounces
  • A quick link for easy cage placement, allowing for fast and simple setup

Ideal Toy for Engaging Your Birds
The Bonka Bird Toys 3449 Bamboo Spring is not just a toy; it's a puzzle that challenges and entertains your feathered friends, making their cage a fun and stimulating environment. Its lightweight design and all-natural materials ensure a safe and enjoyable playtime for birds of various sizes.