3416 pk12 2 Inch Cardboard Punch

$3.99 USD

The 3416 pk12 2 Inch Cardboard Punch from Bonka Bird Toys offers a simple yet effective play and enrichment solution for your feathered friend. This pack of 12 cardboard punches serves as versatile foot toys that cater to birds' natural behaviors, such as chewing and manipulating objects with their feet. Each rectangular piece, featuring rounded edges for safety, includes a central perforation that invites curiosity and interactive play. Your bird will be engaged in pulling out the cardboard punches, providing both mental stimulation and physical activity.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose Design: These cardboard punches can be used in myriad ways— as standalone foot toys, integrated into other toys for enhanced complexity, or hung around the cage for added entertainment.
  • Pack Contents: Includes 12 pieces, ensuring a generous supply for continuous play and replacement.
  • Dimensions: Each piece measures approximately 2 inches in length by 1 inch in width with a thickness of 1/8 inch, making them the perfect size for foot manipulation by birds.
  • Bird Safe: Made with 100% bird-safe materials, these cardboard punches are designed to be safe for chewing and play, giving you peace of mind.

The 3416 pk12 2-inch Cardboard Punch is not just a toy but a functional enrichment tool supporting your bird's natural desire to chew and explore, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether used individually as foot toys or creatively incorporated into other toys for added fun, these cardboard punches will keep your bird engaged and entertained.

Perfect For:

  • Bird owners are looking for simple, safe, and versatile toys for their pets.
  • Birds of all sizes that enjoy chewing and exploring different textures.
  • Anyone seeking to enrich their bird's environment with safe and stimulating toys.

Introduce the 3416 pk12 2 Inch Cardboard Punch to your bird's toy collection and witness the joy and satisfaction as they discover new ways to play and interact with these simple yet effective enrichment tools.