3407 Bagel Hut

$11.99 USD

The 3407 Bagel Hut from Bonka Bird Toys is a bright and chewable hanging hut for your small-sized feathered crusader! The 3407 blends beautifully into any cage with its bright colors and eye-appealing materials. The top of the toy has a quick link attachment giving you lots of options for hanging. A small link chain hangs from the link and goes down to two metal rings that are threaded through the bagel tube. Covering the chains are brightly colors pieces of a plastic straw. The hut itself is a chew bagel that's made of layers of compressed cardboard. Your pet will love to chew and pull apart each layer! Your pet will feel safe and secure inside of the tube, and even more so if you place their favorite shred and fabric material inside. The 3407 works just as well when not hanging as its a fun-filled tunnel! The 3407 weighs about (6) ounces and measures (4.5) inches wide, (8) inches tall and (4.25) inches deep. It is 100% bird safe.

  • Bright hanging hut.
  • Chewable bagel tube.
  • Looks great in any cage.
  • 100% bird safe.