3405 Natural Sola Slices Extra Thin Pk12

$3.99 USD

The 3405 Pk12 Extra Thin Natural Sola Slices from Bonka Bird Toys are ideal natural chewable bird foot toys for your small to a medium-sized pet bird. The sola strips are made from the root of the sola flower and are 100% natural and bird safe! Foot toys like these are excellent and essential to have plenty of to keep your pet happy and entertained. The sola strips are cut at a diagonal angle contrasting with the natural bark making them stand out wherever you place them in the cage or aviary. The pack includes (12) strips ready to be played with. These bird foot toys are perfect for pet birds of any age as they are soft and very light. The sola material can be broken up into pieces to add other toys, strung up for hanging, or used to adorn the cage.

The 3405 Pk12 Extra Thin Natural Sola Slices is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (2.25) inches
Depth: (0.125) inches thick, but this will vary from slice to slice as these are natural items
Width: Each sola strip measures about (.87) inches wide
Weight: under (2) ounces altogether.

  • Includes (12) Extra Thin Natural Sola Slices.
  • From the root of the sola flower.
  • Perfect bird foot toys.
  • 100% bird safe.