3399 4.5 Inch Chew Bagel

$5.99 USD


The 3399 4.5 Inch Chew Bagel from Bonka Bird Toys is a large and super fun big chew bagel! These large chew bagels stand out in cages with their bright colors and bird enticing design. The chew bagel is made from many layers of compressed cardboard formed into a sturdy tube. These cardboard layers can be pulled back by beaks and feet and makes for a great shredding material. The outside layer of the chew bagel is bright color helping it stand out in the cage or aviary. The bagel is big enough to let smaller pets pass through and explore the inside while allowing larger pets to pickup and manipulate the foot toy. Smaller pets favorite shredding, foraging and cuddling material can be placed inside of the bagel to make a fun tube home! The bagel can be added to different parts of the cage or to other toys. It can even be cut up into smaller pieces to provide a top notch shredding material for your pet.

The 3399 4.5 Inch Chew Bagel is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Length: (4.5) inches or (4 1/2) inches

Diameter: (4.25) inches or (4 1/4) inches

Weight: About (5) ounces

  • Large sized bird safe chew bagel.
  • Bird centric large cardboard tube.
  • Tons of ways to play.
  • 100% bird safe.
  • Comes in assorted colors.