3317 PK3 Large Rainbow Spike Ball

$7.99 USD

The 3317 pk3 Large Rainbow Spike Balls are wild and colorful foot toys that your pet will love. The pack includes (3) large rainbow spike balls. Each of the spike balls has a wonderful assortment of rainbow colors. The rainbow spike balls are eye-catching with their bright colors. The balls are covered in soft spikes that feel great in your pet's beak. The spike balls easily roll and bounce, giving your pet an exciting playtime with the toys. All of these aspects make the 3317 perfect foot toy for your pet. No matter where you place them in the cage, their bright colors, and the unique spiky surface will stand out and fill out the empty areas of the cage. The 3317 pack weighs about (3) ounces and each ball measures around (2.25) inches. They are 100% bird safe.

  • Includes (3) soft rainbow spike balls.
  • Bright colors and soft texture.
  • Easily rolls and bounces.
  • 100% bird safe.