3238 Small T Perch

$19.99 USD


The 3238 Small T Perch is a convenient and versatile perch for your small-sized feathered buddy! The 3238 is made from all-natural dragon wood. This type of wood a sturdy texture that gives your pet a comfortable place to stand, grab on to and chew. The natural colors and cool looking surface will add to any cage it is installed in. The end of the perch has a screw thread with two pan washers and a wing nut. The design is a simple T shape making it easy to install in any cage.


The 3238 Small T Perch is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:


Height:(7) Inches

Width:(7) Inches

Depth: (1.25) or (1 1/4) Approx. Inches

Weight: (8) ounces


  • Wonderful perch for small sized birds.
  • Made with all natural dragonwood.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.