3163 Spikey Box

$5.99 USD

The 3163 Spiky Box is a great gift for your friends and family, including your chirping buddy! The 3163 is a soft woven box made from palm and ready to be played with. The 3163 measures 3 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. As it has a natural color and great patterns, the 3163 goes great in any cage or anywhere else you would like to put it. Its eye-pleasing design will appeal to even your friends or family if used a small gift box. For your feathered friend, the box can be filled with foraging material. Your pet bird will have a blast opening the box, exploring the inside and chewing it. The box is 100% bird safe.

  • Small woven palm gift box.
  • Great soft material.
  • Can be used for your pet bird or as a gift to friends and family.
  • 100% bird safe materials.