3108 pk12 4 inch Cardboard Squares

$4.99 USD

A Simple Yet Ingenious Toy for Your Bird: The 3108 pk12 Cardboard Squares offer a straightforward and effective way to enhance your bird's cage environment or to complement other toys. This pack of twelve cardboard squares provides ample opportunity for foraging, playing, and shredding fun for your pet bird, catering to their natural instincts and behaviors.

Versatile and Customizable Fun: Each square, measuring 4 inches by 4 inches with a thickness of about 1/8th inch, serves as a canvas for your creativity. Whether used as is for foot toys or manipulated by cutting, bending, or tearing to fit your bird's cage or enhance other toys, these squares are designed to spark both your and your bird's imagination.

Endless Playing and Shredding Opportunities: With a dozen squares at your disposal, you can ensure that your bird always has something new to explore. The versatility of these squares means that they can be adapted and changed over time, keeping your bird's environment stimulating and engaging.

Safe and Bird-Friendly Materials: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, these cardboard squares are safe for your bird to pick up, play with, and shred. Their simple design belies the thoughtful consideration for your bird's health and safety, ensuring peace of mind for you as a pet owner.

Key Features:

  • Includes 12 Ready-to-Use Cardboard Squares: Plenty of material for creative play and shredding.
  • Foot Toy or Toy Enhancement: Flexible use as standalone toys or as additions to other toys.
  • Easy to Manipulate: Can be cut, bent, or torn to suit any play preference or cage setup.
  • 100% Bird Safe Materials: Ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for your feathered friend.

Enhance Your Bird's Cage Today: The 3108 pk12 Cardboard Squares from Bonka Bird Toys are not just toys; they're tools for enriching your bird's daily life. By providing these simple yet versatile squares, you're giving your bird the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors, ensuring a happier, healthier pet.