30003 Medium Cuttlebone Peanut Flavor

$1.99 USD

The 30003 Peanut Flavor Cuttlebone from Bonka Bird Toys is a perfect way to provide the calcium and trace vitamins and minerals your pet birds need to be healthy. Cuttlebones are actually the dried internal shell of the cuttlefish mollusk. These structures are about 85% percent calcium and make for the perfect item for pet birds with their rough chalky material. The material is excellent as it gives your pet the calcium and other nutrients they need to be healthy and can be difficult to obtain from regular food and treats. Calcium is a particularly important nutrient as it keeps your pet's bones and beaks strong and healthy. The cuttlebone material also helps to trim down overgrown beaks and gives your pet a great way of exercising their jaws. Each cuttlebone includes an easy to use a holder that gives you the flexibility of installing it in many different places in your pet's cage. It is recommended to always have a cuttlebone installed in your pet's cage so that they are able to get the calcium that they need. Each Peanut Flavor Cuttlebone is 100% bird-safe, weighs under (2) ounces and measures approximately (4.75) inches long and (1.75) inches wide by (0.68) inches thick at it thickest area. These are natural items though and the size will vary from item to item slightly from these measurements.

There is no Peanut of any kind in this product.

  • Perfect for providing the calcium, vitamins and minerals your pet needs.
  • Great for trimming beaks.
  • Includes a convenient hanger for the cuttlebone.
  • 100% bird safe.