2959 Three Little Pigs

$7.99 USD

Introduce your small to medium-sized feathered friend to the whimsical world of the 2959 Three Little Pigs, a colorful and super-shreddable toy that promises endless fun. This engaging toy features three adorable pink pigs engorged with pink crinkle shred paper. It is finished with a cheerful bell at the bottom, offering a variety of play activities that cater to your bird's natural instincts for climbing, plucking, and preening.

Toy Highlights:

  • Beak Foraging Festival: The cleverly hidden crinkle shred paper encourages your bird's natural foraging behavior, providing a satisfying pecking and foraging experience.
  • Healthy Play Options: From chewing on the colorful wooden chew hearts and blocks to ringing the bell at the bottom, this toy offers multiple ways to keep your bird engaged and active.
  • Bright and Pleasing Colors: Designed in bright pink and bird-pleasing colors, the 2959 Three Little Pigs toy is fun, a visual treat for your pet, and a vibrant addition to their cage.
  • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link for hassle-free placement, ensuring that this delightful toy can be easily added to your bird's play area.

Ideal for Various Bird Types

This toy is perfect for Conures, Pionus, Quakers, and similar birds, providing just the right size and complexity to entertain and stimulate medium-sized avian companions.

100% Bird Safe

Crafted with bird-safe materials, the 2959 Three Little Pigs toy from Bonka Bird Toys ensures a safe play environment for your cherished pet, letting them explore and play with peace of mind.

Transform your bird's cage into a playground of fun and discovery with the 2959 Three Little Pigs. This toy not only alleviates cage boredom but also promotes physical activity and mental stimulation, making it a must-have for bird owners who want to provide the best for their feathered friends.