2957 Triple Pink Duck

$7.99 USD

Dive into a world of vibrant play with the 2957 Triple Pink Ducks, a delightfully fun toy designed for small to medium-sized birds. This captivating toy features three adorable pink ducks, each engorged with pink crinkle shred paper and finished with a small bell at the bottom, ensuring a symphony of textures and sounds to engage your pet. Perfect for climbing, plucking, and preening, the Triple Pink Ducks offer a beak foraging festival that will keep your birds entertained and physically active.

Toy Highlights:

  • Beak Engaging Fun: The combination of soft crinkle paper and chewable elements encourages natural foraging and chewing instincts.
  • Auditory Pleasure: The small bell adds an extra layer of fun, providing auditory stimulation as your bird plays.
  • Bright and Pleasing Colors: Designed in bright pink and bird-pleasing colors, this toy is not just a source of entertainment but also a visually appealing addition to any cage.
  • Easy to Hang: Equipped with a quick link for effortless installation, making it easy to integrate into your bird's environment.

Ideal for Small to Medium Birds

Measuring 9 inches high by 3.50 inches wide and weighing under 2 ounces, the 2957 Triple Pink Ducks is perfectly sized for a range of birds, from Conures to Quakers, providing just the right level of engagement and challenge.

100% Bird Safe

Crafted from bird-safe materials, the 2957 Triple Pink Ducks ensures a secure and enriching playtime experience for your beloved birds, giving you peace of mind about their well-being.

Transform your bird's play area with the 2957 Triple Pink Ducks from Bonka Bird Toys, a playful and stimulating addition that promotes healthy play options and alleviates cage boredom. This toy not only enhances your birds' daily activities with its engaging design but also celebrates the joy and color that our feathered friends bring into our lives.