2932 Block Ball

$36.99 USD

2932 Block Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is a captivating and durable foraging toy designed to delight your medium to large-size feathered friends. This colorful explosion of foraging and chewing material is built to withstand the playful antics of your birds, providing long-lasting entertainment. The fun begins with a plastic foraging ball at the top, stuffed with colored crinkly paper to entice your bird's natural instinct to explore and forage. Three sturdy nickel-plated chains run through the plastic foraging ball, ensuring durability and resistance to your bird's enthusiastic play. At the bottom of these chains, you'll find wooden blocks that sandwich little pieces of leather between them, adding texture and variety to the toy. Measuring approximately 15 inches, with a width of 8 inches, and a depth of 3 inches, it offers ample space for your feathered companions to engage and explore. The 2932 Block Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is carefully crafted with your bird's safety in mind, using bird-safe materials and sturdy construction. You can have peace of mind knowing that your birds can play and interact with this toy without any harm. 

  • Destructible toys: Birds have an instinctual drive to chew, and destructible toys like the 2932 Block Ball help satisfy this natural urge.
  • You can hide treats inside the toy, creating a foraging opportunity that engages your bird's mind and encourages natural foraging behaviors.
  • With the 2932 Block Ball, you provide your bird with a dedicated item to keep them enticed and alleviate cage boredom.
  • Premium materials: 2932 Block Ball is assembled with high-quality materials, including a plastic foraging ball, colored crinkly paper, wood blocks, and leather strips.
  • The 2932 Block Ball is proudly assembled in the USA, guaranteeing exceptional quality and craftsmanship.