2910 Pk24 Tiny Sola Star Chips


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Discover the Perfect Playtime Companion: 2910 Pk24 Tiny Sola Star Chips!

Transform Your Pet's Playtime:
Introduce your beloved feathered friends to the ultimate playtime and foraging experience with our 2910 Pk24 Tiny Sola Star Chips! Crafted from the all-natural, sustainably sourced Sola Plant root, these tiny treasures offer a soft, chewable delight that's irresistible to birds of all sizes.

Why Choose Tiny Sola Star Chips?

  • All-Natural Fun: Made exclusively from the root of the Sola Plant, these chips are 100% natural, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly playtime option.
  • Soft & Chewable: With a texture softer than balsa wood, these chips provide the perfect bite, making them ideal for chewing and foraging activities.
  • Versatile Play: Whether strung around the cage, incorporated into toys, or used as standalone foraging pieces, these chips offer endless entertainment possibilities.
  • Creative Crafts: Not just for pets, these star chips can also spark creativity in art and craft projects, adding a touch of nature to your creations.
  • Perfect Size: Each pack contains 24 pieces, with each chip measuring approximately less than half an inch in diameter and a depth of 0.25 inches, offering a variety of shapes and sizes for exploration.


  • Encourages natural foraging and chewing instincts.
  • Promotes mental and physical stimulation.
  • Safe for pets, with a 100% bird-safe guarantee.

Ideal For:

  • Birds of all sizes and species.
  • Pet owners seeking eco-friendly, safe play options.
  • Creative individuals looking for natural art materials.

Transform your pet's playtime today with the 2910 Pk24 Tiny Sola Star Chips – the perfect blend of fun, safety, and creativity!