2898 Wiggly Pig

$5.99 USD

A Toy That Captures the Heart: The 2898 Wiggly Pig by Bonka Bird Toys is a delightful and engaging toy designed to entertain your small to medium-feathered friends for hours. This charming toy, featuring a colorful pig as the main attraction, is adorned with matching laces and a bell, creating a fun-filled experience your bird won't be able to resist.

Perfectly Sized for Smaller Birds: Ideal for medium to small birds such as Caiques, Conures, Budgies, Smaller Amazons, and Love Birds, the Wiggly Pig provides just the right level of interaction and challenge. While it's specifically designed for these birds, its universal appeal makes it a hit with any bird small enough to enjoy its features.

Promotes Healthy Play: Offering foot toys like the Wiggly Pig promotes good foot dexterity and provides an excellent outlet for fun both inside and outside the cage. Creating a "toy chest" for your bird to explore is a great way to keep them engaged and encourage natural behaviors.

Crafted with Care in the USA: Assembled in the USA with bird-safe materials, the 2898 Wiggly Pig is a product you can trust. Bonka Bird Toys' commitment to using diverse, stimulating, and safe materials ensures the mental and physical well-being of your pet birds.

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA: Assurance of quality and safety standards.
  • 100% Bird Safe Material: Peace of mind for you and your feathered friend.
  • Quality Variations: Each toy is unique, offering a variety of play experiences.
  • Engaging Design: A pig-themed toy with laces and a bell for maximum entertainment.

Transform Your Bird's Playtime: The 2898 Wiggly Pig is not just a toy; it's a celebration of fun and interaction for your bird. Its durable design and bird-safe construction make it a must-have for any bird owner looking to enrich their pet's daily life with joy and activity.