2881 Natural Foraging Heart

$8.99 USD

  • Introducing the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart from Bonka Bird Toys, a captivating toy designed to enrich your bird's day with endless foraging fun. Crafted with a blend of natural materials, this medium-sized bird toy is the perfect addition to any birdcage, offering entertainment and a healthy outlet for your bird's shredding instincts. Let's dive into the world of the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart and discover why it's the ideal choice for your pet.

    A Symphony of Natural Beauty

    Varied Textures for Enhanced Engagement: From the three natural wooden beads atop to the bundle of natural shredded paper below, each element of this toy is chosen for its ability to stimulate and satisfy. The colorful natural vine heart's centerpiece is generously stuffed with shreddable paper, tempting your bird to delve into foraging activity.

    Perfect for Beak and Foot: Including soft natural straws provides an excellent opportunity for your bird to grasp and chew, promoting agility and beak health. These straws and the cardboard crumble offer a delightful mix of textures for endless exploration.

    Designed with Your Bird's Safety in Mind

    100% Bird-Safe Materials: Safety is our priority, and the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart is made entirely from bird-safe materials. You can confidently hang this toy in your bird's cage, knowing it provides a secure environment for play.

    Effortless Installation and Ideal Dimensions

    Quick and Easy to Hang: Featuring a quick link connector, this toy can be swiftly and securely hung in your bird's cage, ready for playtime right out of the packaging.

    Dimensions that Fit Just Right:

    • Height: 9 inches
    • Width: 6 inches
    • Depth: 1 inch
    • Weight: 3 ounces

    These dimensions ensure the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart is a perfect fit for medium-sized birds, providing ample opportunity for engagement without overwhelming their space.

    Why Choose the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart?

    The 2881 Natural Foraging Heart is not just a toy; it's a journey into natural foraging for your bird. Its blend of textures and materials encourages natural behaviors, keeping your bird mentally and physically stimulated. Add this natural masterpiece to your bird's collection and watch as they discover the joy of shredding, foraging, and exploring.

    Bring the beauty and excitement of natural foraging into your bird's life with the 2881 Natural Foraging Heart. It's more than a toy—it's a gateway to happiness and health for your feathered friend.