2675 Mini Pinata Monkey

$16.99 USD

Foraging Monkey Piñata: A Delightful Challenge for Your Feathered Friend!

Bring a burst of color and excitement to your bird’s day with the Foraging Monkey Piñata from Bonka Bird Toys. Designed to stimulate both mind and motor skills, this toy promises endless fun and foraging opportunities for your beloved pet.

🌟 Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 10.50" x 3.00" x 2.25", weighing just 2 Ounces—ideal for hanging in any sized cage. The monkey itself measures at 4 inches high
  • Material: Crafted with pet-safe, colorful crinkled paper, this toy is both durable and shreddable, perfect for birds who love to peck and tear.

🐦 Pet-Approved Quality:

  • Engaging Design: Bright colors and an intriguing shape to catch your bird’s eye and keep them engaged for hours.
  • Foraging Fun: Encourages natural foraging behavior, which is essential for your bird’s mental health and well-being.

🎨 Why Your Bird Will Love It:

  • Interactive Play: Enhances playtime, keeping your bird active and happy.
  • Shred & Discover: As your pet shreds their way through, hidden nooks inside the piñata can be filled with treats, providing a rewarding challenge.

💡 Perfect For:

  • Birds of all sizes, especially those who are medium to highly active.
  • Owners looking for a toy that supports mental stimulation and physical health.

Let your bird swing, shred, and forage their day away with the Foraging Monkey Piñata—your pet’s ticket to a fun and engaging playtime!