2663 24" Sisal Rope Perch

$13.99 USD

2663 24" Sisal Rope Perch by Bonka Bird Toys

Elevate Your Bird's Perching Experience with the Natural Sisal Rope Perch!

Product Highlights:

  • Made from durable, natural sisal rope
  • Measures 24 inches in length with a diameter of 1 inch
  • Weighs 15 ounces, ensuring stability and support
  • Equipped with stainless steel bolts for easy and secure cage attachment

Introducing the 2663 24" Sisal Rope Perch from Bonka Bird Toys — the perfect addition to your bird’s environment for enhanced comfort and fun. This perch offers not just a place to rest, but a space for your feathered friend to exercise their feet and beak. Crafted from robust sisal, this perch provides a naturally abrasive texture that helps keep your bird's nails and beak trimmed and healthy.

At 24 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, this perch is ideal for a variety of bird species, from small songbirds to larger parrots. Its substantial weight of 15 ounces means it holds steady, giving your bird a secure place to land and relax.

Key Features:

  • Natural Material: Sisal rope is known for its durability and slight roughness, great for foot health.
  • Secure Installation: Comes with stainless steel bolts on each end, making it easy to mount securely inside any birdcage.
  • Versatile Use: Long enough to stretch across larger cages, offering ample space for walking back and forth.
  • Pet-Safe: Free from harmful chemicals and safe for all day contact.

Installation and Maintenance: Installing the 2663 Sisal Rope Perch is as simple as screwing the integrated bolts into the sides of the cage. The secure mounting ensures that the perch stays in place, even during the most enthusiastic play. To maintain, occasionally brush the perch with a stiff brush to remove dirt and refresh the fibers, ensuring long-lasting use and enjoyment.

Perfect for: Bird owners who are looking for a sturdy, natural, and beneficial addition to their bird’s cage. Whether your bird likes to lounge, play, or exercise, this perch provides the perfect platform for all activities.

Give your bird the gift of comfort and activity with the 2663 24" Sisal Rope Perch — where they can perch proudly and play passionately!