2658 Coco Wheel

$32.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys 2658 Coco Wheel

Discover Tropical Delight with the 2658 Coco Wheel!

Product Overview: Welcome to the tropical paradise of playtime with the 2658 Coco Wheel from Bonka Bird Toys. Specially designed for small to medium birds, this coconut extravaganza measures 13 inches in height and 10 inches in width, offering a compact yet lavish playground.

Key Features:

  • Natural Coconut Shell: Constructed from sturdy coconut shell pieces for a beak-friendly, durable chew experience.
  • Sisal Rope Accents: Adorned with sisal rope for preening and plucking, satisfying your bird's natural instincts.
  • Engaging Design: Features multiple levels and textures to keep your bird entertained for hours.
  • Perfect Size for Small to Medium Birds: Ideal dimensions to suit a range of bird breeds without overwhelming their space.
  • Pet-Approved Quality: Certified safe for your feathered companion, ensuring a joyous playtime.

Product Description: The 2658 Coco Wheel is where fun meets the natural allure of the tropics. This toy is a testament to Bonka Bird Toys' commitment to creating products that resonate with a bird's inherent desire to explore and manipulate their environment. The robust coconut shell pieces offer the perfect resistance for beak and claw work, encouraging healthy play habits.

Sisal rope elements provide a softer contrast, excellent for preening and nibbling, which can help birds maintain a pristine feather coat. The varying shapes and sizes of the coconut and wooden components add depth to the toy, inviting curious beaks to investigate every nook.

The Coco Wheel is a versatile addition to any cage, easy to install, and provides a multi-faceted entertainment hub. It stands as a centerpiece for bird owners who value enrichment and stimulation for their pets, ensuring that your bird's cognitive and physical needs are met with style and sustainability.

Why Birds Love the 2658 Coco Wheel:

  • Mimics the diverse textures found in a bird's natural habitat.
  • Offers a variety of play options to stave off cage boredom.
  • Promotes beak health and coordination with different chewing surfaces.
  • Adds a touch of the tropics to your bird's daily life.

Perfect for: Bird enthusiasts seeking to infuse their avian friend's routine with an enriching, durable, and visually engaging toy that speaks to their pet's wild side.

Let your bird spin into action with the 2658 Coco Wheel – a slice of bird paradise, courtesy of Bonka Bird Toys!