2643 Wiggle Stick

$18.99 USD

2643 Wiggle Stick by Bonka Bird Toys

Entice Your Feathered Pal with a Swing of Colors and Textures!

Product Highlights:

  • Built around a sturdy Java wood stick
  • Adorned with vibrant vine balls and wooden pieces
  • Large, playful dimensions of approximately 23.50" x 5.50" 
  • Weighs a full 14 ounces for substantial swing-ability

Product Description: Let your bird's spirit soar with the 2643 Wiggle Stick from Bonka Bird Toys! This isn't just a toy; it's a pendulum of fun that promises to inject joy and excitement into your bird's daily routine. Made with an authentic Java wood stick and decorated with a kaleidoscope of vine balls and wood pieces, this toy is an extravaganza of textures that will keep your bird intrigued and active.

The Wiggle Stick is a true spectacle, measuring a wing-spanning 23.50 inches in length, by 5.50 inches in width, and at 14 ounces in weight, it’s crafted to sway with a satisfying rhythm that challenges your bird's balance and coordination, adding an extra layer of physical activity to their play.

Each element of the Wiggle Stick is meticulously chosen for safety and durability, ensuring that your bird can peck, tug, and chew to their heart's content. The natural Java wood stick offers a firm perch while the splashes of color from the vine balls and wooden pieces encourage mental stimulation and satisfy the urge to explore.

Why Your Bird Will Love the 2643 Wiggle Stick:

  • Texture Haven: Vine balls and various wooden shapes provide an array of surfaces to gnaw and grasp.
  • Interactive Play: Its swinging motion entices birds to climb, balance, and engage with the toy actively.
  • Colorful Attraction: The bright colors captivate your bird’s attention, encouraging extended periods of play.
  • Solid Construction: The Java wood foundation ensures a safe and long-lasting addition to your bird’s habitat.

Easy Installation: Hang the Wiggle Stick from the top of the cage using the attached chain and link, and watch as your bird discovers the joy of wiggling through their day.

Ideal for: Bird owners looking for a toy that provides physical exercise, mental engagement, and a brilliant splash of color to their bird's living space. The Wiggle Stick suits birds who love to swing, chew, and stay active.