2639 Medium Soft Taco

$19.99 USD

Unwrap Joy with the 2639 Medium Soft Taco from Bonka Bird Toys!

Entertain Your Feathered Friends

Elevate your pet bird's playtime with the vibrant and engaging 2639 Medium Soft Taco by Bonka Bird Toys. This delightful toy is designed to tantalize your bird's senses and encourage natural play behaviors. Featuring a colorful array of wooden blocks, twisted paper, and shreddy paper, it offers a feast of textures for pecking, pulling, and preening.

Perfectly Sized for Fun

Measuring a generous 18 inches in height and 16 inches in width, this toy is an ideal fit for a variety of bird cages and play areas. Despite its impressive size, it maintains a comfortable weight of 1lb 3 ounces, ensuring that it's easily accessible for your avian companion.

Built for Bird Safety and Satisfaction

Safety comes first with Bonka Bird Toys, and the 2639 Medium Soft Taco is no exception. Crafted from bird-friendly materials, it's a toy you can trust with your beloved pet. Adorned with the "Pet Approved" stamp, you can be sure it meets high-quality standards.

Effortless Installation, Endless Enjoyment

This toy couldn't be easier to introduce into your bird's environment. Hang it in your bird's favorite spot and watch as it becomes the centerpiece of their daily routine, offering endless hours of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Product Highlights

  • A riot of colors and textures to stimulate your bird's mind
  • Robust construction for lasting durability
  • Effortless to set up for instant play
  • Approved by pets and owners alike for quality and fun

Let your bird peck their way to happiness with the 2639 Medium Soft Taco – where every day feels like a fiesta!