2614 Party Paddle

$18.99 USD

2614 Party Paddle: A Colorful Festival of Fun for Your Feathered Friend

Dive into a world of vibrant play with the 2614 Party Paddle by Bonka Bird Toys, the ultimate source of entertainment for your medium-sized avian companion. This toy is a masterpiece of textures and colors, crafted to captivate, engage, and entertain your bird. Ideal for parrots, conures, and birds of similar size, the Party Paddle transforms your bird's living space into an exhilarating playground of exploration and fun.

Enrichment and Excitement for Every Bird:

  • Diverse Materials: Boasting three cardboard discs, adorned with colorful paper strips and robust wooden beads, the Party Paddle offers a variety of textures for your bird to discover and enjoy.
  • Foraging Fun: Filled with shredded paper and wicker parts, this toy is designed to encourage natural foraging behaviors, keeping your bird mentally and physically engaged.
  • Sized to Perfection: Measuring 14 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width, it's the perfect size for medium birds, providing ample play opportunities without taking over their space.

Designed with Your Bird's Safety in Mind:

  • Safety First: Constructed with the safety of your pet in mind, every component is bird-safe, allowing for worry-free play.
  • Durable Design: The Party Paddle is built to withstand the zest of curious beaks, making it a lasting addition to your bird's collection of toys.

Easy Installation:

  • Effortless Setup: Comes with a convenient attachment mechanism, making it simple to add this burst of fun to your bird's cage, enhancing their daily life with ease.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 14 inches
  • Width: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 3 ounces

Elevate your bird's playtime with the 2614 Party Paddle, and witness the joy as they embark on a journey through a festival of colors, textures, and unending amusement. It's more than just a toy; it's a celebration of the lively spirit within your feathered friend.