2593 Java Stone Stepper

$18.99 USD

Unveil the ultimate pampering experience for your feathered companion with the Java Stone Stepper from Bonka Bird Toys!

Essential Well-being Crafted for Comfort:

  • Natural Pumice Stone: Interspersed between sturdy wood blocks, offering a natural source of calcium.
  • Beak and Nail Conditioning: Promotes self-grooming as your bird chews and pecks, ensuring their beak and nails stay in top shape.
  • All-Natural Materials: Crafted to provide a safe and eco-friendly environment for your bird.
  • Perfect Size: Measures a convenient 12 inches in height and 5 inches in width, weighing around 13 ounces.

Advantages for Your Avian Ally:

  • Health and Pleasure Combined: Encourages natural foraging and grooming habits.
  • Stress-Relief: Provides a constructive outlet for your bird's energy.
  • Engaging and Stimulating: Keeps your bird entertained for hours, preventing boredom.
  • Easy Installation: Comes ready to hang with a reliable fastener for quick attachment to any aviary or cage.

This Pet Approved Quality Product is not just a toy; it's an integral part of your bird's daily health regimen, offering both physical and mental enrichment.

Transform your bird's habitat into a sanctuary of wellness with the Java Stone Stepper, where every peck and perch is a step towards happiness and health.

Elevate your bird’s habitat with the Java Stone Stepper and witness their delight in this natural playground!