2532 Triple Spooky Duck

$9.99 USD

  • Get into the spooky spirit this Halloween season with the 2532 Triple Spooky Duck, a playful and engaging toy designed for small to medium-sized birds. This unique toy features three Halloween-style rubber ducks that will not only delight your avian friends but also bring the festive atmosphere right into their aviary. Adorned with orange and purple crinkle paper, the 2532 Triple Spooky Duck provides both a visual and sensory feast, making it the perfect backdrop for your feathered friends to indulge in the whimsy of the season.

    Toy Highlights:

    • Spooky Fun: Three Halloween-themed rubber ducks add a festive touch, making it a spooktacular addition to your bird's playtime.
    • Auditory Stimulation: A bell at the bottom adds to the excitement, offering auditory stimulation as your bird interacts with the toy.
    • Engaging Textures: The combination of crinkle paper and rubber ducks encourages interaction, providing ample opportunities for plucking, preening, and playing.
    • Easy to Hang: Comes complete with a quick link for effortless placement, allowing you to easily integrate this festive toy into your bird's cage.

    Perfect for Small to Medium-Sized Birds

    Measuring 9 inches high by 3.50 inches wide, the 2532 Triple Spooky Duck is ideally sized for small to medium birds, providing just the right amount of spookiness and fun.

    A Safe and Entertaining Choice

    Made with 100% bird-safe materials, this toy ensures a safe environment for your feathered friends to explore and enjoy. The bright colors and engaging design make it a captivating choice that will keep your bird entertained for hours.

    Add a touch of Halloween fun to your bird's environment with the 2532 Triple Spooky Duck from Bonka Bird Toys. This delightful toy is sure to enchant your birds while providing them with hours of entertainment and healthy play activities.