2451 Rainbow Sticks

$8.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys' 2451 Rainbow Sticks is a must-have accessory for any medium-sized feathered friend. Not only are these sticks colorful and enticing, but they are also great for your pet's mental stimulation and exercise! The top of the toy has a quick link attachment that allows you to easily hang it in its cage right out of the package. The backbone of the toy is a metal wire that wraps around the quick link at the top and extends through the center - giving your pet a fun view while playing with their favorite toy! The centerpiece of this bird toy is not just one, but fifty colorful wooden sticks stacked together - ideal for chewing and light shredding. With plenty of movement, sound, color and spinning action, Bonka Bird Toys' 2451 Rainbow Sticks is perfect for keeping your furry companion entertained for hours. Purchase yours today!