2419 Moonshine

$11.99 USD

2419 Moonshine from Bonka Bird Toys – a captivating and entertaining addition that's perfect for your small bird's aviary or cage. This carefully crafted toy will provide endless fun and engagement for your feathered friend. Measuring approximately 6.75 inches high by 3.25 inches wide with a total weight of 2 ounces, the 2419 Moonshine will suit your bird's play preferences while complementing their space. The centerpiece of this toy is a colored wooden moon with a bell adorned with drilled holes throughout; these holes hold a delightful surprise – strands of leather with plastic pacifiers at their ends. These playful elements encourage interactive and exciting playtime, engaging your bird's natural curiosity and encouraging mental stimulation. Crafted with all bird-safe materials, it has a quick link for easy cage placement.

  • The perfect size toy for an array of small to medium-sized birds.
  • It measures 6.75 inches high by 3.25 inches wide.
  • Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual need to chew.
  • It is made in the USA with wood, leather, and acrylic pacifiers.
  • Bonka Bird Toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure pet birds' mental and physical well-being.