2404 Pk2 Huge Stuffed Balls

$5.99 USD

  • A Colorful Adventure in Every Ball: The 2404 Pk2 Huge Stuffed Balls are the perfect playmates for birds of all sizes and ages. These classic foot toys, filled with shreddable paper, come in a pack of two, each featuring a different bright color. The vibrant hues and soft textures make these balls irresistible to birds, providing them with hours of shredding, foraging, and playful enjoyment.

    Designed for Fun and Interaction: The thoughtful design includes small round holes on each ball's front and back, exposing the stuffed shreddy paper within. These holes are not just for aesthetics; they allow your bird to quickly grab and pull out the paper with their beaks and feet, offering a satisfying and engaging playtime activity.

    Lightweight and Versatile: Each ball is designed to be light enough for birds of any age and ability to pick up and toss around, adding an extra layer of fun to their daily routine. The balls' cute designs and delightful colors also make them suitable for arts and crafts projects, adding a splash of joy and creativity to your bird's environment.

    Multi-Functional and Easy to Use: Beyond their primary function as foot toys, the 2404 Pk2 Huge Stuffed Balls offer versatile play options. You can roll them up into tunnels, crumble them for soft shredding material, or even string them up around the cage to create engaging space-occupying toys. Their design and materials invite endless possibilities for play and exploration.

    Bird-Safe and Durable: As with all Bonka Bird Toys, these Huge Stuffed Balls are made with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet can enjoy their new toys without health concerns. The durability of these toys means they'll stand up to even the most enthusiastic play, making them a lasting addition to your bird's toy collection.

    Product Specifications:

    • Diameter: 3.5 inches
    • Weight: Under 1 ounce per ball
    • Key Features: Two fun, colorful bird foot toys, durable and long-lasting, each stuffed with shredding paper, ensuring 100% bird safety.

    Perfect for Birds of All Ages and Sizes: Whether your feathery friend is a tiny parakeet or a large parrot, the 2404 Pk2 Huge Stuffed Balls provide a fun, safe, and stimulating environment that encourages natural behaviors and ensures a happy, healthy bird.

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