2373 Soccer Ball 3 1/2 Inch

$3.99 USD

The 2373 Soccer Ball 3 1/2 Inches from Bonka Bird Toys are durable and brightly colored medium-large-sized foot toys! These excellent balls have a bird-enticing design and loud rattlers in each. The top, bottom, and middle each have their own bright color, making for a tremendous eye-pleasing effect when the ball is rolled and thrown. Inside of each ball is a rattler ball that makes bird-pleasing noises whenever the foot toy is interacted with. There are many holes on the top and bottom of the ball that let great rattle noise emanate. You can also stuff the balls with your pet's favorite shredding and foraging material, making it even more fun. The balls can be hung up around the cage and off other toys. They are so delightful they can even use them for traditional art and craft projects.

The 2373 Soccer Ball 3 1/2 Inch from Bonka Bird Toys is a 100% bird-safe ship in bright bird-pleasing assorted colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Ball Diameter: (3 1/2) inches

Single Ball Weight: (2) ounces

  • Bright and noisy foot toys.
  • Fun to roll and throw.
  • Loud rattle ball in each.
  • 100% bird safe.