2351 Duo Leather Drop

$8.99 USD

The 2351 Duo Leather Drop is a fun and colorful toy designed for small birds, particularly those who enjoy playing with leather and engaging in interactive activities. Here are some key features of this bird toy:

  1. Leather-Loving Bird Toy: This toy is specially crafted for birds that have an affinity for leather. The three tiers of natural leather provide your bird with both a tactile and visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for leather-loving birds.

  2. Colorful Design: To add an extra touch of vibrancy and visual interest, plastic beads are incorporated into the toy. These beads come in various colors (bead colors may vary), making the toy visually stimulating and attractive to your bird.

  3. Variety in Leather Shapes: The toy comes with both round and square leather pieces, providing diversity in textures and shapes for your bird to explore and manipulate.

  4. Dimensions: The toy measures approximately 5 inches in height and 2 inches in width, making it suitable for small birds. This size ensures that the toy is appropriately sized for your feathered friend to play with.

  5. Small Bell: The inclusion of a small bell on the toy allows for great sounds, adding an auditory component to your bird's playtime.

  6. Quick Link Hook: The toy is equipped with a quick link hook, which makes it easy to attach and secure the toy to your bird's cage. This convenience ensures that your bird can enjoy the toy without any hassle.

The 2351 Duo Leather Drop is a delightful accessory for small birds, providing them with a multi-sensory experience through its leather textures, colorful beads, and a small bell for auditory stimulation. With the added convenience of the quick link hook, it's easy to place in your bird's cage for them to enjoy.