2334 Order Of Fries

$10.99 USD

2334 Order Of Fries: The Ultimate Playtime Snack for Your Feathered Friends

Entice Your Bird's Natural Instincts

Give your small to medium-sized birds a reason to chirp with delight with the 2334 Order Of Fries from Bonka Bird Toys. This innovative bird toy is designed to mimic a fun-filled box of potato chips, packed to the brim with engaging elements that cater to your bird's shredding, climbing, and foraging instincts.

Feature Highlights:

  • Multi-Textured Materials: A mix of crinkled shredded paper, a sturdy vine ladder, a natural vine ball, and a vibrant snowflake, topped with a multi-colored pom-pom, creates a rich tapestry of textures that will keep your bird engaged and entertained.
  • Designed for Small to Medium Birds: Perfectly sized for a wide range of birds, from parakeets to conures, ensuring that every bird finds its perfect playtime snack.
  • Dimensions & Weight: Standing tall at 15 inches and 4.5 inches wide, this lightweight toy (3 ounces) is substantial enough to withstand your bird's playful antics without overwhelming them.

Why 2334 Order Of Fries Stands Out:

  • Foraging Fun: Encourages natural foraging behaviors, providing mental stimulation and physical exercise.
  • Refillable & Reusable: Designed with sustainability in mind, this toy can be refilled with shreddable materials, extending the joy and reducing waste.
  • 100% Bird Safe: Crafted with all bird-safe materials, ensuring your pet's playtime is both fun and secure.
  • Easy to Install: Comes with a quick link for effortless cage placement, making it convenient to add to your bird's environment.

Transform Playtime into An Adventure

With the 2334 Order Of Fries, your bird won't just play; they'll embark on a sensory adventure, exploring, shredding, and discovering. Its visually appealing design not only enhances your bird's cage but also stimulates their curiosity and engages their natural behaviors.