2322 Popcorn Crumble

$10.99 USD

The 2322 Popcorn Crumble is a fun and colorful toy your medium to large pet birds will love. It features a Sola Atta ball sandwiched between two clumps of natural colored crinkly paper, sitting atop a popcorn container, jute ropes with small cardboard crumble pieces attached, hang down from the bottom of the container, providing your bird with an outlet for its destructive impulses. Perfect for medium to large birds, the 2322 Popcorn Crumble is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. It measures approximately 20 inches high by 3.50 inches wide and comes complete with a quick link for easy cage placement.

  • 100% Bird Safe Material.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Multiple beak pleasing textures.
  • Made in the U.S.A