2308 Trap Sandwich

$8.99 USD

The 2308 Trap Sandwich from Bonka Bird Toys is a vibrant and engaging toy crafted for the delight of small to medium-sized birds. Packed with a variety of textures and materials, this toy is a foraging and chewing festival that's sure to captivate your feathered friends with endless entertainment.

Encourages Natural Behaviors Featuring an abundance of woven bamboo foraging finger traps, cardboard discs, wooden ABC blocks, and colored crinkly paper, the Trap Sandwich is designed to stimulate natural chewing, foraging, and shredding behaviors. This diverse mix of materials provides birds with a healthy outlet for their playful instincts.

Colorful and Stimulating This toy is a visual feast, with bright colors and varied textures that are enticing to birds. The colorful design not only beautifies your bird's living space but also stimulates their senses, helping to alleviate cage boredom and keep their environment lively and engaging.

Safe and Convenient Installation Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, the 2308 Trap Sandwich ensures a safe play environment for your pet. The inclusion of a quick link allows for easy and secure placement within your bird's cage, offering convenience and peace of mind for bird owners.

Perfectly Sized for Small to Medium Birds With dimensions of approximately 11 inches in height and 6 inches wide, the Trap Sandwich is ideally sized for small to medium birds, providing ample opportunity for interactive play without overwhelming their space.

Versatile Foraging and Treat Hiding The toy's design offers multiple treat hiding options, encouraging birds to explore and forage. By hiding treats within the finger traps and cardboard layers, you create a rewarding challenge that keeps your bird mentally stimulated and physically active.

Larger Version Available for Bigger Birds For those with larger avian companions, Bonka Bird Toys offers the 2307 Big Trap Sandwich. This larger version provides the same engaging experience in a size more suitable for medium to large birds, ensuring that birds of all sizes can enjoy the fun and stimulation that these toys provide.

Product Highlights:

  • Vibrant foraging and chew toy for small to medium birds
  • Features bamboo finger traps, wooden blocks, and crinkly paper
  • Encourages natural chewing, foraging, and shredding behaviors
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials for secure playtime
  • Easy to install with a quick link for convenient placement
  • Offers multiple treat hiding options for enriched play

Introduce your bird to the 2308 Trap Sandwich by Bonka Bird Toys and watch as they dive into a world of colorful foraging fun, providing them with hours of stimulating and enriching playtime.