2251 Bagel Spinner

$19.99 USD

Brighten Your Bird's Day with the 2251 Bagel Spinner from Bonka Bird Toys!

A Colorful Adventure for Medium to Large Birds: Introducing the 2251 Bagel Spinner, a vibrant and engaging bird toy for medium-sized feathered friends. This delightful toy combines easy-to-grab materials with eye-catching colors, creating an irresistible attraction for your bird.

Spin, Pull, and Play: The heart of this toy features three medium-sized chewable spinning bagels, creating a dynamic and interactive experience. These bagels are adorned with knotted leather strands, colored wooden slats and balls, and colorful plastic gear, providing a variety of textures for endless fun.

Melodic Charm and Vibrant Appeal: A charming bell adds a musical component to this toy, enhancing your bird's playtime with auditory stimulation. The assortment of bright colors captivates your bird's attention and adds a splash of cheer to their environment.

Tailored Dimensions for Comfortable Play: Measuring approximately 17 inches in height and 7.50 inches in width, the 2251 Bagel Spinner is perfectly sized for medium to large birds. It offers ample space for play without overwhelming their cage.

Easy and Secure Cage Placement: Equipped with a quick link, this toy can be quickly and securely attached to your bird's cage, ensuring it's always within reach for your feathered companion.

Safety as a Priority: As with all Bonka Bird Toys, the 2251 Bagel Spinner is 100% bird safe, giving you peace of mind while your pet enjoys their new favorite toy.

Bring home the 2251 Bagel Spinner and watch as your bird revels in the joy of spinning, pulling, and chewing, all while staying engaged and entertained. 🎉🦜🌈