2235 Vine Cone Platt

$24.99 USD

Delight Your Feathered Companions with the Vibrant 2235 Vine Cone Platt!

Entertainment Galore for Your Bird The 2235 Vine Cone Platt is more than just a toy; it's a fun festival for your avian pal! Crafted for Medium to large birds, this vibrant array of colors and textures is designed to engage and stimulate your pet, ensuring hours of entertainment. Its intricate structure, featuring a combination of woven palm, sisal rope, wood beads, and a woven vine cone, offers a medley of materials that birds adore.

Durable Design

  • Robust Chewable Delight: Crafted to withstand the pecking and pulling of the most enthusiastic birds.
  • Diverse Materials: A mix of textures to keep your bird intrigued and active.
  • Vivid Colors: A palette that instantly captivates and attracts your bird's attention.
  • Bird-Safe Quality: Made with 100% non-toxic materials for peace of mind.


  • Length: Approx. 32 inches
  • Width: Up to 7 inches wide at its broadest point
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Includes a quick link for effortless placement.

The Ultimate Bird Accessory Perfect for the curious and active bird, the 2235 Vine Cone Platt provides not just a plaything but an accessory that satisfies your bird's natural chewing and foraging instincts. It is a versatile addition to your bird's habitat and is easy to install, either inside or outside the cage.

Embrace the joyful chirps and excitement as your pet discovers the joy of interactive play with the 2235 Vine Cone Platt - the ultimate treat for your feathered friend!