2226 Toasty

$21.99 USD

Bonka Bird Toys 2226 Toasty - The Ultimate Chewable Sandwich for Birds

A Super-Sized Delight for Your Feathered Companion: The Bonka Bird Toys 2226 Toasty is a delectable treat, crafted not for the taste buds but for the joy of your bird's beak. Imagine a sandwich, but every layer is a playground of textures and materials for your bird to explore and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Chewable Cardboard Layers: Packed with multiple cardboard slices that your bird will love to peck and pull apart, simulating natural foraging activities.
  • Toasty Wood Inclusions: Interspersed with wood, these elements add a satisfying crunch, perfect for beak health and conditioning.
  • Soft Cotton Rope: The entire toy is strung together with bird-friendly cotton rope, providing a different texture for your bird to tug and chew.
  • Colorful Wooden Slats: Vibrantly colored wooden slats add a splash of color and fun to your bird's day, encouraging play and interaction.
  • Generous Size: Measuring approximately 21 inches high by 8 inches wide, this large-sized toy is designed to keep those busy beaks entertained for hours.
  • Safe for Birds: Made with 100% bird-safe materials, you can have peace of mind as your bird indulges in their playful pecking.
  • Effortless Installation: Comes complete with a quick link for easy and secure cage placement, so your bird can start their fun in no time.

Why Your Bird Will Love the 2226 Toasty: This toy combines a variety of textures and shapes that cater to your bird's natural chewing and foraging behaviors, making it an excellent source of stimulation and entertainment.

Please Note: Your bird's new favorite toy may come in various colors, adding an element of surprise with each new Toasty!

Elevate Your Bird’s Playtime: The Bonka Bird Toys 2226 Toasty isn't just a toy; it's a feast for your bird's beak and a visual treat for their eyes.

[Transform your bird's cage into a world of exploration - Grab the Bonka Bird Toys 2226 Toasty now and watch your bird indulge in their own giant sandwich of fun!]