2204 Large Ring Roll

$10.99 USD

A Shreddable Feast for Beaks: The 2204 Large Ring Roll is a marvel of design for large birds, offering an array of beak-pleasing textures and elements. Crafted with care, this toy features a generous amount of cardboard and seagrass, making it the perfect playground for your bird to climb, chew, and shred to their heart's content.

Innovative and Interactive: At the top, a colorful plastic C-link offers easy attachment to your aviary, while a knotted seagrass woven strip runs through the toy's center, connecting two cardboard squares that sandwich a large roll of shreddable perforated cardboard. The addition of colorful plastic rings not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides your feathered friend with excellent grabbing and pulling opportunities.

Dynamic Movement for Engaged Play: Light and designed to move, the 2204 Large Ring Roll invites interaction. As your bird chews and manipulates the toy, it will change shape and move, providing endless entertainment and stimulation.

Bird-Safe Design: Ensuring the utmost safety for your pet, the 2204 Large Ring Roll is made with 100% bird-safe materials. Its thoughtful design and durable construction mean that your bird can enjoy hours of play without any harm.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Height: 25 inches, Width: 4 inches, Weight: Under 6 ounces.
  • Materials: Cardboard, seagrass, and colorful plastic rings for a varied sensory experience.
  • Installation: Comes complete with a colorful C-link for quick and secure cage placement.
  • Benefits: Encourages natural behaviors such as foraging, chewing, and exploring.

Ideal for Large Birds: Whether your aviary houses parrots, macaws, or other large birds, the 2204 Large Ring Roll is designed to meet their need for stimulation and activity. Its size and variety of materials make it a must-have for any bird owner looking to enrich their pet's environment.