2168 Duo Pot Ring

$42.99 USD

  • A Spectacular Display of Fun: The 2168 Duo Pot Ring from Bonka Bird Toys is a vibrant and robust toy designed for medium to large-beaked companions. This colorful large-sized bird toy combines stainless steel pots, chewable wooden rings, and colorful rubber wibbly balls into a long, beautiful arrangement that promises to thrill and engage your pet bird for hours.

    Designed for Durability and Engagement: With a heavy-duty quick link attachment included, hanging this toy in your bird's cage is a breeze. A heavy link chain serves as the toy's spine, ensuring all the fun elements hang securely for your bird's enjoyment. At two levels, colorful wibbly balls sit atop sturdy metal rings, their vibrant colors and textures making them irresistible to beaks and feet alike.

    Interactive and Stimulating: Below each wibbly ball, two sturdy rings dangle, each holding bird-pleasing items like gorgeous acrylic daisies and a large stainless steel measuring cup, topped with a colorful wooden chew ring. The interaction with these elements creates a fantastic, bright, and noisy time for your pet, ensuring they're entertained and stimulated.

    100% Bird Safe for Peace of Mind: Shipping in assorted colors for the daisies and wooden chew rings—all bright and appealing to birds—the 2168 Duo Pot Ring is crafted with 100% bird-safe materials. This assurance means your feathered friend can enjoy their new toy without any worries.

    Key Features:

    • Large and Colorful: Designed for medium to large birds with many stainless steel pots and chewable elements.
    • Engaging Textures: Easy-to-grab wibbly balls and colorful chewable parts.
    • Easy Installation: Comes with a quick link for fast and straightforward cage placement.
    • Dimensions: Stands approximately 20.75 inches tall and 5 inches wide, with a depth of 1 inch and weighing about 16 ounces.

    Transform Your Bird's Playtime: The 2168 Duo Pot Ring is more than just a toy; it's a vibrant addition to your bird's cage that offers a mix of chewing, pulling, and auditory stimulation. Its durable construction and bird-safe materials make it an ideal choice for pet owners looking to provide their birds with a stimulating and safe environment to explore.