2161 Long Cuddle

$18.99 USD

The 2161 Long Cuddle from Bonka Bird Toys is the best way to compliment your medium sized feathered friends cage with a cuddly, pully, colorful bird toy! Your pet bird will become a regular cuddle buddy with the 2161 Long Cuddle with its long strips of colorful soft fabric. At the top of the bird toy there is a quick link attachment for fast cage hanging. A small link chain hangs from this attachment and passes through the center of the entire toy, ending with a metal ring with knots of colorful fabric hanging. Going down the toy your pet will find lots of items in and around the fabric strips. There are colorful wooden beads and stars that are great for chewing. Leather strips stick out here and there with plastic colorful dice knotted off at the ends. All of these colors and materials are sure to make an amazing time for your pet. The 2161 Long Cuddle is 100% bird safe.

  • Colorful, cuddly medium sized bird toy.
  • Lots of different shapes and materials.
  • Super bird enticing.
  • Weighs under (6) ounces.
  • Measures about (19) inches tall by (3) inches wide.