2142 Bobbin Bubble

$15.99 USD

The 2142 Bobbin Bubble from Bonka Bird Toys is a sensational toy for your medium-sized plucker! The Bobbin Bubble easily fits into many cages with its neat vertical design. Cage installation is effortless with the quick link attachment found at the top of the toy. A small link chain hangs down from the link and runs through the center of the toy. On the bottom, this chain has a metal loop with a small metal bell attached. All of the items on the toy have the main metal chain strung through their middle. The first piece your pet will find is a brightly colored plastic bobbin. This bobbin rests on top of a wooden disk that is brightly colored. Below this disk sit (4) splendidly colored plastic bubble stars. Another wooden disk rests below the bubble stars. Every section of 2142 can move side to side and slide up and down. Your pet will love pulling, tugging and exploring the different ways that the Bobbin Bubble can bend and move. The bright colors make the 2142 stand out in any cage. The toy weighs about (6) ounces and measures (4) inches wide, (9.5) inches tall and (4) inches wide. 2142 is 100% bird safe.

  • Brightly colored pulling spectacle!
  • Lots of great materials.
  • Bright, bird pleasing colors.
  • 100% bird safe.