2133 Snow Shred


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The 2133 Snow Shred from Bonka Bird Toys is a versatile shredding material that your feathered friend will adore. Each bag of the 2133 Crinkle Paper includes (85) cubic inches of white shreddy paper! This shreddy paper has been cut into thin strips. Each strip has also been crinkled making for a great foraging texture. When your pet picks up a strip of the shreddy paper it will bounce all about creating lots of excitement for your pet. The shreddy paper is lovely to use for your pets huts and nesting area. As the paper is soft and gives when pressed your pet will be very comfortable when relaxing in the paper. The paper strips are small enough that you'll easily be able to stuff it in other toys, different types of objects or around the cage. The 2133 Snow Shredis perfect to reload other foraging toys too! Your pet bird will have a ball checking out the stuffed foraging paper and pulling it out. You can even use the 2133 Snow Shred for your own art and craft projects. This foraging item is 100% bird safe and weighs under (4) ounces.


  • Great simple shred material.
  • Bright white color.
  • Very easy for pet birds of all ages to play with.
  • 100% bird safe.