2096 Large Plush Parrot

$4.99 USD

The 2096 Large Plush Parrot is a wonderful toy for the bird lover in your life. This parrot is made of soft to the touch fabric and filled with plushy filling. The parrot has multiple different colors. On its face its two tone with a different colored beak. Its wings have multiple different colors and can be moved around in whichever way you like. It has a round tummy with two little feet sticking out of the front. Its tail feathers are also different colors. The toy measures 8 inches high by 4 inches wide by 10 inches deep.
  • Adorable plushy parrot.
  • Great for gifts for anyone - especially bird lovers!
  • Looks great on any desk, counter, or wherever you like.
  • Made with super soft fabric.
  • Comes in assorted colors, maybe be different as to what is shown.