2092 Huge Tuff Pot

$21.59 USD $26.99

  • Introducing the 2092 Huge Tuff Pot, a durable and dynamic toy crafted for your family's energetic medium to large-sized birds. This toy boasts various objects and items designed to keep your pet engaged and entertained. Featuring a sturdy quick link attachment for easy installation, the 2092 Huge Tuff Pot includes heavy-duty link chains that run through the center of the toy, connecting to a plethora of play items such as a heavy-duty colored plastic ball with a rattle inside, colorful wooden chew stars, and assorted sizes of metal measuring cups for a sound-filled experience.

    Main Features:

    • Diverse Play Options: This toy, with elements designed for pulling, chewing, and foraging, meets the playful needs of medium—to large birds.
    • Stimulating Sounds: The internal rattle ball and metal measuring cups create enticing noises, encouraging interaction and play.
    • Easy Installation: Equipped with a quick link attachment, placing this toy in your bird's cage is straightforward, ensuring immediate enjoyment.
    • Bird Safe and Durable: Constructed with 100% bird-safe materials, the Huge Tuff Pot is built to last, offering weeks of entertainment.

    Ideal Toy for Medium to Large Birds

    The 2092 Huge Tuff Pot is tailored for medium to large-sized birds, measuring approximately 20 inches in height and 5 inches in width, making it a perfect fit for any cage that can accommodate its grandeur.

    A Symphony of Fun and Activity

    This toy not only satisfies your bird's chewing instincts but also stimulates their curiosity with its colorful components and engaging textures. The added sensory pleasure of the bottom bell enhances the play experience, making it an irresistible addition to your bird's environment.

    Transform your bird's play area with the 2092 Huge Tuff Pot from Bonka Bird Toys, where durability meets endless fun. This toy is a cherished addition to your bird's collection, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.