2092 Huge Tuff Pot

$26.99 USD

The 2092 Huge Tuff Pot is a durable toy for your energetic medium to large-sized pet bird. The 2092 has lots of different objects and items for your pet to pull on and play with. The top of the bird toy has a sturdy quick link attachment making it easy to install in any cage that will fit it. This connector loops through a large metal ring that hangs the sturdy link chain continuing through the center of the toy. This chain passes through the middle of the toy and connects to a large metal loop at the bottom which has a medium plastic circle hanging. This plastic ring is perfect for hanging other items from the toy and pulling fun for your pet. The chain goes right through the middle of a (5) inch heavy-duty colored plastic ball. Inside of the ball, there is a small rattle ball that creates lots of noise and excitement when the toy is played with. Passing through the toy horizontally there are two metal chains that have a metal loop connected to either side. On each of these loops, there are medium colored circles connected and also assorted sizes of metal measuring cups.

The 2092 Huge Tuff Pot is 100% bird safe ships in bright bird pleasing assorted colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (20) inches

Width: (5) inches

Weight: (16) ounces

  • Colorful & enticing large bird toy.
  • Lots of noise making objects.
  • Tons of movement when played with.
  • 100% bird safe materials.