2089 Duo Huge Orbit

$47.99 USD

A Vibrant Paradise for Large-Beaked Birds: Introducing the 2089 Duo Huge Orbit, a mesmerizing bird toy designed to captivate and entertain large-beaked feathered friends. This toy is a burst of color and excitement, promising to be a standout addition to any aviary.

Easy Installation for Immediate Fun: Equipped with a heavy-duty quick-link connector, the Duo Huge Orbit can be easily and securely hung in your pet's habitat, offering instant access to a world of play. Its robust design ensures that even the most enthusiastic birds can enjoy without worry.

Engaging Design for Endless Play: Two substantial plastic chains descend from the top connector, adorned with chunky links and colorful beads, creating a playground in the air. The thoughtful design allows for easy movement and interaction, including a bottom link that extends through the orbit, inviting your bird to pull and tug to their heart's content.

Sensory Delight with Auditory Surprises: At the heart of the Duo Huge Orbit lies a hidden bell within an interior ball, providing a delightful rattle that adds an auditory dimension to the visual and tactile stimulation. This combination ensures that your bird's playtime is not only active but also engaging on multiple sensory levels.

Key Features:

  • Bright Colors: Eye-catching hues to stimulate and attract your bird's attention.
  • Moving Parts: Designed to encourage play, exploration, and physical activity.
  • Quick-Link Connector: For hassle-free installation in any large bird's cage or aviary.
  • Chunky Links and Beads: Provides a variety of textures for chewing and manipulation.
  • Interior Ball with Bell: Adds an auditory element to the toy, enhancing playtime fun.

Why Choose the 2089 Duo Huge Orbit? Perfect for birds in need of stimulating activities, this toy encourages natural behaviors such as foraging, chewing, and exploring, keeping your large-beaked bird healthy, happy, and entertained throughout the day.


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