2089 Duo Huge Orbit

$47.99 USD

The 2089 Duo Huge Orbit is a great bird toy to keep large-beaked birds entertained and active. This captivating toy features bright colors that are sure to stand out in any aviary and plenty of interesting moving parts for your feathered friends to play with and explore.

Thanks to the heavy-duty quick-link connector at the top of this toy, it's easy to hang up in your pet's habitat, so they can start using it immediately! The two substantial plastic chains that dangle down from the link are adorned with chunky links and colorful beads, providing your bird with plenty of entertainment. The bottom link extends through one of the orbit's outer curves, allowing your pet to move and pull on it easily. Finally, its interior ball rattles thanks to a hidden bell inside, adding even more playtime fun.

Make sure you get your pet a 2089 Duo Huge Orbit today if they're needing more stimulating activities throughout their day! 

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