2043 pk3 Basket Fish

$7.64 USD $9.99


The 2043 pk3 Basket Fish are fun foraging and foot toys for your feathered friend. The pack comes with three medium sized woven baskets. The baskets are made from soft natural bamboo which is 100% bird safe. The baskets themselves are woven with a visually appealing pattern that has many holes around the basket. The bamboo strips come up from the basket and are tied off a few inches from the top of the basket. This creates the fish looking appearance of the basket. The 2043 will be plenty fun for your bird to play with by itself but it can also be combined with your feathered friends favorite foraging materials. Stuffing the basket with shredding paper will allow your pet to pull and interact with the shreds through the holes in the basket. As the baskets are super light, they can be hung up and placed anywhere in your pets cage and aviary. The baskets have a 8.5 inch lenght with a roughly 2.5 inch depth at the basket.

  • Creative fun design.
  • Can be stuffed with any foraging material.
  • Easy for any bird to pick up.
  • Made with 100% bird safe materials.