2036 Rainbow Sola

$9.99 USD

The 2036 Rainbow Sola from Bonka Bird Toys is a vibrant and engaging toy designed to enhance your pet bird's playtime with a burst of colors and textures. Ideal for birds of various sizes, this toy incorporates a playful arrangement of materials that encourage interaction and stimulation. Let's delve into the features that make the Rainbow Sola a must-have for your bird's cage.

A Cascade of Color and Texture

Varied Elements for Maximum Engagement: Starting from the top, your bird is greeted with a small wooden bead. This leads to an exciting sequence of a colorful plastic tube, another wooden bead, and the main attraction—six colored sola sticks. These sola sticks are arranged to turn horizontally, increasing movement and interaction as your pet plays.

Auditory Stimulation: At the bottom of the toy, another wooden bead precedes a small metal bell, which adds a pleasant auditory element to the toy. The sound of the bell can provide additional entertainment and engagement for your bird.

Designed for Easy Installation and Safety

Quick Link Attachment: Including a quick link attachment ensures that hanging the 2036 Rainbow Sola in almost any cage is straightforward and secure. This feature allows for easy setup, letting your bird enjoy their new toy without delay.

100% Bird Safe: Safety is a priority, and the Rainbow Sola is made with 100% bird-safe materials. This reassurance allows your bird to explore, peck, and play with their toy without any health risks.

Ideal Size for Varied Bird Cages

  • Dimensions: The toy measures approximately 10 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 1 inch in depth and weighs under 2 ounces. These dimensions make the Rainbow Sola a suitable and non-intrusive addition to your bird's environment.

The 2036 Rainbow Sola from Bonka Bird Toys is a delightful and safe option for adding variety and stimulation to your bird's day. This toy is designed to please your bird's beak and mind with its wonderful assortment of colors and materials, soft sola sticks, and easy cage placement. Introduce the Rainbow Sola to your bird's play area and watch as it becomes a favored source of entertainment and joy.