2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball

$9.34 USD $10.99

Unleash Endless Fun with the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball - A Bird's Paradise!

Elevate Your Feathered Friend's Playtime: Dive into a world of vibrant fun with our 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball from Bonka Bird Toys! Designed to captivate and stimulate your large bird's playful instincts, this classic toy is an essential addition to any cage. Crafted from durable, bird-safe plastic, this ball promises endless entertainment without compromising on safety.

Key Features:

  • Bright, Bird-Pleasing Colors: Ships in an assortment of bright colors that add a splash of vibrancy to your bird's living space.
  • Interactive Design: Equipped with openings on the top and bottom for easy hanging, making it versatile for any play area setup.
  • Engaging Activities: Perfect for stuffing with shreddy material or treats, coupled with a built-in rattler for added excitement.
  • Unique Rolling Action: Designed with uneven openings for unpredictable rolling, ramping up the fun factor!

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5 inches (Height) x 5 inches (Width) x 0.5 inches (Depth)
  • Weight: Under 6 ounces
  • Material: Durable, bird-safe plastic
  • Color: Assorted (colors may vary)

Why Choose the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball?

  • Durable Construction: Made with your pet's safety and enjoyment in mind, this ball withstands the enthusiastic play of large birds.
  • Versatile Fun: Ideal for hanging from the cage or integrating with other toys for a customizable play experience.
  • Stimulates the Senses: The combination of visual appeal, tactile engagement, and auditory stimulation keeps your bird engaged and happy.

Add a Touch of Excitement to Your Bird's Day!

With its combination of safety, durability, and fun, the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball is a must-have for bird enthusiasts looking to enrich their pet's playtime. Order now and watch your feathered friend explore, play, and thrive!