2007 Snowflake Wibblyball

$5.99 USD

  • The 2007 Snowflake Wibblyball toy from Bonka Bird Toys is a captivating and engaging playtime addition for your small bird, designed to stimulate their senses and encourage active play. This toy uniquely combines movement, color, and sound to create an irresistible attraction for birds, featuring spinning and wobbling actions that mimic the playful unpredictability of a real game. Adorned with bright, colorful plastic snowflakes and a fun, spiky ball, this toy also incorporates a small bell that adds auditory stimulation, making every interaction a delightful experience for your feathered friend.

    Key Features:

    • Dimensions: Perfectly sized for small birds at approximately 9 inches in height by 3 inches wide, ensuring it fits comfortably within their cage.
    • Engaging Design: The toy's ability to spin and wobble provides a dynamic play experience that will keep your bird entertained for hours.
    • Sensory Stimulation: Bright colors attract your bird's attention, while the variety of textures and the sound of the bell offer a rich sensory experience.
    • Easy Maintenance: Constructed for easy cleaning, ensuring that your bird's play environment remains hygienic and enjoyable.
    • Easy to Install: Comes with a quick link for fast and hassle-free cage connection, allowing for effortless setup.
    • Handmade Quality: Proudly handmade in Florida, USA, guaranteeing a high-quality product that adheres to the best standards of craftsmanship.

    The 2007 Snowflake Wibblyball toy is not merely a toy; it's a comprehensive play solution that addresses the instinctual needs of small birds to explore, manipulate, and discover. Its design and construction ensure that it's not only an attractive addition to your bird's cage but also a durable and safe option for endless enjoyment.

    Perfect For:

    • Owners of small birds seeking an interactive and stimulating toy.
    • Birds that enjoy exploring different textures and sounds.
    • Anyone looking for a high-quality, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-install bird toy.

    Introduce the Snowflake Wibblyball toy to your bird's environment and watch as they engage in hours of fun, spinning, wobbling, and ringing their way through playtime. It's the perfect way to keep your bird active, entertained, and happy.