2000 Natural Seagrass Rope 150ft


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The 2000 Natural Seagrass Rope from Bonka Bird Toys is a great addition to any birds toy collection. The seagrass rope is a super versatile toy and can be used in whatever way your imagination comes up with. The rope is has a great hand made feel, is 100% bird safe!!! Smaller sized birds are able to hang off of and walk on top of the rope. The rope is very shreddable and makes lots of movement when being grabbed, ripped and shaken. The rope can be cut, shaped, routed, twisted, and wrapped around any object and made to fit in just about any cage type. Having a toy like this as a part of your collection will make it easy to keep your bird eager and excited. Even something as simple as tying a few pieces of twisted vine to an existing toy can give your bird lots of excitement and make them eager to see what's coming next.
  • Over 150 feet of natural seagrass rope.