1970 Duck Trap

$6.99 USD

Brighten Your Bird's Day with the 1970 Duck Trap Toy from Bonka Bird Toys!

A Carnival of Colors and Fun

  • Cheerful Yellow Duckies: Adorned with eye-catching yellow rubber ducks, this toy is sure to capture your bird's attention and spark curiosity.
  • Interactive Beads and Bell: The interspersed plastic beads and a tinkling bell offer additional sensory stimulation, keeping your bird engaged with varied textures and sounds.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Play

  • Treat-Ready Tubes: Unique finger shred tubes are ingeniously designed to hide treats, providing a rewarding foraging experience for your bird. This feature not only entertains but also promotes natural foraging behaviors.
  • Perfect Sizing for Small to Medium Birds: Measuring 9 inches in height and 4 inches in width, this toy is ideally sized for small to medium birds, offering ample opportunities for play without overwhelming your bird’s space.

Safety and Convenience Combined

  • 100% Bird Safe Materials: Constructed with your bird's safety in mind, all materials used are non-toxic and safe for avian use. This commitment to safety ensures worry-free playtime.
  • Easy Cage Integration: Equipped with a quick link attachment, setting up this toy in your bird's cage is hassle-free. This convenience means more time for your bird to enjoy their new toy.

Why Choose the 1970 Duck Trap Toy?

  • Adds Vibrancy to Any Cage: This toy isn't just a source of fun; it's a colorful addition that brightens up your bird's environment, making their cage a more lively and inviting space.
  • Promotes Active Engagement: The variety of elements in this toy encourages physical activity and mental stimulation, crucial for the well-being of small to medium-sized birds.

In Summary The 1970 Duck Trap Toy is more than just a bird toy; it's a playful, safe, and engaging addition to your feathered friend's life. Perfect for small to medium birds, this toy offers a blend of fun, foraging, and sensory stimulation, all wrapped up in a bright and cheerful package. Get ready to watch your bird enjoy hours of entertainment with this delightful toy!